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Dear Class Act Nannies,

It was truly a pleasure working with Class Act Nannies. Debbie and Jen do a wonderful job screening candidates. By listening to our family’s needs, they sent very high quality candidates for our position. We communicated with Debbie several times throughout the process, both by phone and by email and were very impressed at the quick responses each and every time. She really took the time to identify our needs and as a result of both Debbie and Jen’s hard work, we had two excellent candidates. In fact, we did not need to schedule any more interviews after meeting these ladies! We are very happy with the nanny we selected because she is a hard worker and great with our kids. We feel lucky to have her as part of our lives now. I would highly recommend Class Act Nannies to anyone searching for a nanny.


Sylvie and Pedro San Juan

We are so thankful for Class Act Nannies. My wife and I both work and we have 3 children under the age of 8. We needed a nanny, and we gave Class Act Nannies all of our specifications. They listened and delivered. Within one week we had 5 candidates come to our house for an interview. The candidates were all very qualified, and we were ableto hire the one that met our needs the most. She has worked for us now for over 6 months and we are very happy. Class Act Nannies is a first class business, and I highly recommend using them for your housekeeping or nanny needs.

Greg Herskowitz

Dear Jen and Debbie,

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt and efficient help in finding a live-in nanny. I had virtually given up hope after using several other agencies and interviewing countless candidates. You sent me several good candidates and wearehappy with Martha. Your professionalism and enthusiasm made a very hard process palatable!

Marilyn Milian (Judge from “The People’s Court”)

Class Act Nannies is the greatest! I was lost after my nanny/maid stopped working for me after 25 years. Jen and Debbie conducted tireless interviews and put candidates through a strict selection process. Thanks to a friend who referred their stellar agency, I hired a wonderful lady after interviewing 3 women. Class Act Nannies saved my life, home, and my health – as I was barely getting by.


Susan Phillips

Dear Debbie and Jen, Our family is forever grateful to you for helping us find our nanny. Not only did you find us someone who met our unique needs, but you did so within a week. Our nanny is nothing short of, as our kids say, AMAZING. Thank you for taking the time to sort through your list to find the right person for us. We really felt that we did not meet with bunch of candidates just looking for a job. We met with a few candidates who not only fit the job description, but our family dynamics and personality as well.

Wishing you continued success,

Jorge and Veronica

Dear Class Act Nannies, I cannot thank you enough for referring us our nanny Susie. She is more than we could ever ask for. You made finding and hiring her a very simple process. I will be happy to refer your agency to anyone who is looking for a nanny.

Thank you very much!

Stephanie O’Day

Debbie and Jen found me a wonderful live in nanny/housekeeper in a short period of time. She is a great match for my family and has many years experience. Debbie and Jen were patient, understanding and willing to go the extra mile to find us a nanny….even if it meant talking to me 5 times a day.

Mara Karlinsky

When we were desperate to find a nanny, Class Act Nannies did an amazing job for us. We had previously used another agency and had to fire our first nanny after one week. Because we both work, we were desperate to find someone good, and quickly! Class Act Nannies was recommended to us by a friend, and they exceeded our high expectations in every way. We spoke with Debbie, and she was extremely focused on finding out what type of person we were looking for in great detail. She was a great listener, and then immediately went to work. Within a day or two, we were already interviewing candidates, and the first two candidates we interviewed were both so outstanding that we had difficulty choosing between them. It was clear that a very thorough screening process had already been performed by Class Act Nannies with our specific needs in mind. We chose one of these candidates, and she has been a wonderful addition to our home. She has been with us for 6 months, and we hope she stays for many years.

In our time of need, Class Act Nannies came through for us in a big way. Their prices were reasonable (less than half of what we paid the first agency!), they were extremely detail-oriented, thorough, and reachable. Every single interaction we had with them left us more impressed with their professionalism. We are extremely grateful to Class Act Nannies, and if we ever need to find another nanny, we wouldn’t think twice before asking for their help again.

Amy & David

Dear Debbie & Jen,

We can’t thank you enough for the amazing person you sent to our home. You picked the perfect match for our family on the very first try. In just a short time, we have grown to trust and welcome the selection you made into our family. She is so wonderful with our daughter, and we love watching her learn Spanish each day.

Keep up the great work!!!

David and Deanna Leshner

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the services provided by Class Act Nannies. Not only did they find me a wonderful housekeeper that fulfilled all of my requirements but one that I can trust. With the extensive background check they perform I feel confident not only leaving someone in my house, but most important with my children!


Sarah Couper

I have known Jen for 7 years. She has high standards for her own life and that is why she is the perfect person to run a nanny agency. When I was looking for a nanny, it felt like both Jen and Debbie were working around the clock. They did not stop working for me until my family was completely happy. Miami families could not be more fortunate to have an agency like Class Act Nannies. I highly recommend Class Act Nannies to any family looking for the right fit.

Robyn Pinecrest

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